A Chair for my Writer, or The High Art of Procrastination

I've created a happy writing space in our new apartment.

Wait, let's back up a minute, shall we?

It's summer, and that means a few things. First, I have much more some a little time to enjoy the things I love. For me this boils down to my trifecta of relaxation: reading, writing, and photography. Oh, and this summer I've added something to the mix -- sunning sinfully by the pool. Add a margarita and a good Kindle read, and I'm nearly foaming over with delight.

But back to the trifecta. Most of the time I write first thing in the morning or right before I go to sleep. Any guess what this means? Why yes, you're right! It means that ten minutes into writing and I am passed smooth out. Not the most effective routine for the budding author.

Enter the desk. Now, we've had this desk for a number of years, but it's mostly just a big hunk of furniture in the corner. The desk's main function is to:

  1. Display pictures
  2. Creatively display piles of mail
  3. Collect dust
As you can see, it's a handy piece of furniture to have around.

I gave the desk a small pep talk today, explaining that things were about to change. Since it didn't respond, I figured it was in agreement and I set to work cleaning, clearing off, reorganizing, and generally prettying up the space.

Now this looks like a desk that wants to partner up with a writer, wouldn't you agree? Nice clean surface, plenty of supplies, aesthetically pleasing environment ... ah yes, we're ready!

One problem.

There is no chair.

How could I forget such an important factor?  Now, I could have just sighed and wandered off slump-shouldered in defeat. But that just wouldn't do. I could have grabbed my journal and headed back to the couch to get some writing in. But really, is it right to pick up one project when another one is left unfinished?


So began Operation Perfect Chair. I didn't think this would be a difficult task. After all, my requirements are few:

  • must be cushioned
  • needs a tall back
  • must offer ample leg room, as my favorite writing position is sitting criss cross or with one or both of my feet tucked under me
  • must fit under the desk
  • prettiness helps
That's pretty much it. So why then, dear reader, is this search so tedious? Why have I been adding pics to my pinterest "chair me" board as if I were an eclectic old chair hoarder?

I wish I had the answer. Until then, the search continues. And please, if you happen to find my chair, let me know. In the meantime, I have some writing to do.

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