One week into the new year, and I'm just going to throw this out there -- I'm pretty darn proud of myself. I mean, sure, it's just a week.  But when you're grappling up out of the dungeon? A week is a long stinkin' time to be on track.

This week, I have written more, read more, taken more pictured, eaten better, and even (gasp, dare I say it) moved my huge bootie more.

And the less?  Oh -- I've cried less!  Pretty big accomplishment in my book.

I tend to be a loner, so it's rare I join anything that is part of a big movement or community. To be honest, it's more about not wanting to look like an idiot in the group and less about feeling like all my hours spent alone are amazingly delicious.

When I originally lost that 100 pounds, it was all from eating right and working out on my own. Even once I decided to lift weights I found a trainer in a gym that was open only to private sessions. Costly, but effective.

But I'm sort of tired of doing it all alone. I guess I'm finally ready to look like an idiot and let my cheeks burn bright red, then suck it up already, and push ahead.

That's why I'm so glad I joined the #biggestbloggingloser with She Likes Purple. Well, that and the $2180 jackpot to be split 70/30 between the first and second place winners.  Not a bad motivator, that.

And it's why I am seriously considering joining Camp Gladiator next week with a friend from work. It doesn't matter that I will definitely be the slowest, least agile, most clumsy dork out there. I can deal with that (I think??).

It matters that I am moving. Forward. Finally.


  1. You're in DFW? I was thinking of doing the Solana one!

  2. Yep, just outside of Burleson. I didn't see one for Solana! A coworker told me about this one. I need to do something!