Dreams, Chores, and Lists

In staying with the "finding my way out of the dungeon" theme, I've decided to quit making my dream a chore, after reading a very wise blog post by Johanna Harness. I thought her idea to make a list of the energy suckers in my life was brilliant, so I'm going to do just that.  Followed, of course, by the things that give me energy.

My Energy Suckers
  1. Negative thoughts from other people
  2. Laundry
  3. Filling out paperwork
  4. Cleaning the kitchen
  5. Dealing with Dos' decision to move out
  6. Budgeting, money, and the lack thereof
  7. Getting behind in my work
  8. Obsessing about my weight
  9. Worrying -- about EVERYTHING
  10. Confrontation
  11. Being disorganized
  12. Worrying about not being good enough
  13. Talking in circles
  14. Gossips
  15. Clutter
  16. Being misunderstood
  17. Being alone when I'm sad
My Energy Enablers
  1. Being silly with The Husband
  2. Talking to Uno about art
  3. Writing a new story
  4. Reading a well-crafted story
  5. Spending time with friends
  6. Spending quality time with my D90 on a sunny day
  7. Working out
  8. Finding, and trying out, new recipes
  9. Any of the work I do with the NorthStar of Texas Writing Project
  10. Museums
  11. My Grandma's house
  12. Listening to beautiful lyrics
  13. Cuddling with The Husband
  14. My big cozy chair, my warm red and white blankie, and Charlie
  15. Movies that make me laugh
  16. The perfect shade of eyeshadow
  17. A pair of rockin' shoes
  18. Le Madeleine's
  19. Panera Bread
  20. Book stores
  21. Helping someone become a more confident writer
  22. Helping people find a nutrition plan that works for them
  23. Eating clean
  24. Listening to Garrick talk
  25. Devin's wonder at all things bright and shiny
  26. Damon's love of art
  27. Dos' amazing mind
  28. Chocolate pie (I girl's gotta have SOME vices)
  29. The way The Husband looks at me
  30. Wide open spaces
  31. Warm sunshine, clear sky, soft breeze
  32. Waking up from an amazingly detailed dream
  33. Dreaming about teaching writing - and nothing else
  34. Dancing
  35. Singing obnoxiously loudly in my car
  36. Making plans, lists, organizing ideas
  37. Research
  38. Being in class, learning anything new
  39. Poetry
I think I could continue these lists infinitely, as the more I think on them, the more things I think of, and around and around again. More than likely, I'll turn the lists into their own page, and update as the ideas come. It is nice to see that there are more things that give me energy than take it away. At least - more things I can remember!

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