Book Review: The Trouble with Chickens by Doreen Cronin

J.J. is a retired search-and-rescue dog that now spends his days lazing about on the farm.  This is far from his idea of a perfect life, and he finds himself frustrated and bored more often than not.

Enter Moosh, a mama chicken with a mystery to solve, and her two feisty chicks -- all birds that won't take no for an answer.  What follows is a fast-paced whodunnit style mystery complete with an intriguingly named villain (Vince the Funnel) bent on causing problems for everyone.  But don't be lured into the simplicity of the storytelling -- as in all good mysteries, you can't take everything you see at face value.  Cronin has masterfully spun a tale that succeeds in the slight of hand magic necessary to create a memorable detective story.
This delightful early chapter book is packed with action, offers some interesting vocabulary for young children, and is told in a wonderfully unique voice.  J.J.’s gruff, no-nonsense personality gives the story just the right touch of old school detective agency flair that it needs.  Short and engaging enough to entice even your most disinterested readers and an excellent choice in the classroom to teach voice, sentence structure, and dialogue.

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