When at first you don't succeed, make a list!

I promised you a happy 4th of July poem, but then I fell down the rabbit hole.  It took much coaxing from The Husband to get me to peek my head back out, because I know deep down to the root of the places where I hide my most secret secrets, that it is not safe right now.  Instead, I'm going to piggyback on Elana Johnson's blog today and do my own Tell the Truth Tuesday.  Because although I can't share my rabbit hole chaos from yesterday (yet), the truth would be a nice thing to see today.

My List that Does Not Lie:

  1. I have an unbelievably scary amount of laundry hiding in my room.  I keep hoping The Husband will get annoyed by it and take care of it!
  2. I haven't had a bathing suit on yet this summer.  I don't want to see myself.
  3. If I were to tally up the amount of times I consider popping someone in the head for being stupid, I think we would all be afraid of the total.  Violence: it's what's for dinner!
  4. I am always having a conversation with someone in my head.  No lie.  Hm.  That makes me sound crazier than I intended.  Drat.
  5. If I haven't heard from you in  a month a week a couple of days, I assume something has happened that has upset you, even if there is no evidence that I could have possibly upset you, and you are purposefully avoiding me.  I know.  I KNOW.  Crazy crazy lady.
  6. I am writing this list to ignore the fact that I have an appointment to be at in 25 minutes.  If I don't leave right now, I'll be late.
Much thanks to Elana, for giving me something to say on a day when I can't say what's in my head!  And, mad props to her and her crew for setting up writeoncon.com!  Sign up, sign up!

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