Summer Slipping By

The past few weeks have been too full and too frenzied to summarize here, but I'll try with a list:

  • Road trips, especially with 5 children, are loud and lovely
  • It is possible to lose weight and feel better on vacation -- I have proof!
  • The scritchscratching in the back of my head about what I "should" be doing is very loud when I am trying to relax.
  • I love the just-before-dawn hours, the purple hazy grey hours, driving down the road, 5 kids asleep, chitter-chatter-laughing with The Husband as we go.
  • Momster is still Momster.  I doubt now that she will ever change her eating habits, and it makes me very sad.
  • Everyone should enjoy food from a farmer's market.  There is nothing else like it.
  • There is still not much better than a tube to float on, a cold drink to keep you warm, and a spring-fed river to replenish your soul.
  • It is possible for a 13 year old boy to break a 35 year old woman's heart.  Dos has decided to go live with his father.
There is much more, and the memories are like fish swimming about in my head, and maybe -- if I can get out the words about Dos, about my tiny boy -- my little monkey -- my rope climber, face licker, raspberry giver, misdiagnosed originally, hug squeezing little Aspie that will be sleeping somewhere else in a couple of weeks ...

Well, if I can get all those words out, maybe I will find something more to say.

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