It isn't surprising, I suppose, that I haven't had much to say I have been been so quiet in the past month.

Not surprising, but still disappointing.

When I write, I feel most sure of myself.  When I write, I work out all the problems that keep me up at night, bouncing around my head as if I were an all-night racquetball court, begging for players to come in and tromp around the courts for a while.

When I write, the chameleon slinks away, and I stand alone with myself, and I am not afraid.

Sadly, life rarely cares much for whether or not I have time to write.  Even sadder, the more stressed I am, the less time I tend to make myself take for things like, shall we say, staying sane through daily writing.

The past few weeks have been like a roller coaster with a side of crack.  Way too much sensory overload, not enough time to digest my circumstances before the next bend, dip, loop, or terrific twist comes my way.

Did I mention the TAKS for reading and math are next week?  Next. Week.

Or that my principal may honestly die from disappointment if we don't make exemplary for the 4th consecutive year?  No lie.

How about the fact that I'm still waiting to hear back about grad school?  Seriously.  How hard is it to get one university to transfer information to another university??

Then there's the maddeningly happy fact that I get to be a part of NWP's summer institute this year!  Still dorkily excited for summer to arrive.

Oh, and I'm packing up my big seven person family and moving to a new area in a house that seems impossibly large?  Who's going to clean that beast??

Then there is that resume I need to finish if I actually hope to have a shot at applying for that new position... oh sweet momma, have I lost my mind??

Not to mention: Dos' school has decided I absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt simply must turn in paperwork proving he's an Aspie if I would like his 504 to remain in place?  EARTH TO SCHOOL -- have you met my kid??  Paperwork should not be necessary here!

Among other, less interesting tidbits of life from the past month, I'm actually surprised I've held tight without any major interruption in my regularly scheduled moments tiptoeing through the world of the sane.

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