A different sort of Valentine

"Happy Valentine's Day!" we shout to the kiddos, tossing heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates and other sugar-laden tidbits into their eager hands.

The morning is filled with chocolate, chocolate, and oh, let's see, what else was there?  Yes, yes, that's right -- chocolate!  The husband is alternating swigs from his Monster (yep, that's right, I totally put a Monster in his bag 'o goodies!) and tossing whole Ferrero Rocher candies (worst.candy.ever.) into his happy mouth.  The littles are busy giggling and trading candy Toy Story figures and chocolate Tinkerbell crisps.  The bigs are, of course, snarfling down their own stash, grumbling with a mock-alpha dog growl whenever anyone comes to close.  It's a happy day.

Oh, but wait, as if the chocolate-drenched chocolatelyness of the day wasn't enough, the kids then decided to have a pizza making hoedown in the kitchen, so the house now smells of delicious cheese and bread.

Chocolate.  Cheese.  Bread.  The air is saturated with the savory sweetness of the day.

And what am I eating, you may ask?  Oh, you know, turkey breast... egg whites... protein powder... the usual.

Honestly.  I deserve a freaking purple heart of foodie will power.

Whatever.  I'm going to go brew some chocolate tea and pretend it's hot cocoa.  Better yet, I may throw it in the face of any of the chocolate-dazed coma-drooling fools in my house.

Happy Valentine's Day, dear reader.  Enjoy some chocolate for me.  Then send me haiku about how awesome it was.  Perhaps I'll send you some chocolate tea, too.

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