Waking sleeping dragons

I think it's a shame that we always see the fairy tale end just as the real adventure begins.  Prince and Princess kiss and ride off into the sunset...

...but what then?

What happens when the carriage hits a bump in the road and the horse skitters off in a panic?  What happens when happily ever after becomes, "honey, the toilet is backed up again!"

What happens when you choose to poke the sleeping dragon and dance around the fire and laugh when the witch beckons you closer ... when you have finally tired of changing to survive, and want to shine in your own brilliant hue -- whatever that may be?

I think it's time to find out.

I've spent my entire life tiptoeing on the boundary of danger, being quiet when I was afraid to speak up, nodding in agreement or simply staring blankly when I couldn't muster a sound independent of the masses.

It's time to wake the sleeping dragons.  Time to shed the chameleon.  Time to live.

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