Things I have decided I must have, forthwith, to get on with it, already(!):
1. fancy tripod that won't break, damn it
2. flash for my D80
3. new running shows to fix that rascally over-pronating issue
4. iPhone case to prevent any more stupid damage to the ridiculously fragile thing
5. iPhone armband thingy for the gym

Uhm, I think that's it for now.

And no. This is not a list of procrastination. I am highly offended that you would even suggest...no, that you would even dare to let the tiniest hint of that thought creep through the little brain marquee bleeeping out its pretty letters in your skull. Pft. Like you would know.

I need these things. How can I be expected to do anything worthwhile if I don't have the proper equipment?

Geez. Amateurs.

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