Oh, sweet motherhood

Dos is sitting on my bed, "working" on his Texas history assignment.  Basically, this means he has his one sheet of paper and his book, and a short  list of questions that can all easily be answered by skimming the correct chapter in said book.  This darling little sheet of paper could be completed in about 10 minutes, I would assume, by any non-Dos human.

Instead, we have been through the following topics/activities in the last hour:
drawing on forehead with pencil
making his stomach "talk" to me about Texas history
leaving room to sharpen pencil
telling me how Texas history will be helpful to him when he is a teacher
him comparing me to a dog, since both dogs and myself get sick when they eat something they shouldn't (thanks for that)
playing with Isaac's sunglasses
leaving room to sharpen pencil
finding words in the glossary, after already having found them in the chapter, just for the hell of it
explaining, in detail, how Uno wronged him last night and stole all his xBox time
contemplating the woes of drinking too much root beer
leaving room to sharpen pencil
poking his pencil at my spinach & egg white omelette to indicate how overly spinachy it is
snuggling with Charlie Toebiter, the wonder dog
blowing above-mentioned sunglasses across the bed
laughing at his own silliness
explaining how to take apart and then put back together an airsoft gun
detailing the terror of having a three-year-old diva for a (step)sister
getting me up to date on the personal lives of all his teachers -- and he knows this stuff, why??

When I began writing this, he was on the last question, and had already found the answer.  He still has not written the answer on the paper, however, because he left the room to sharpen his pencil, and  I can now hear him watching cartoons with the littles in the living room.

I hope that one day, when he has little Dos-like children running around talkingtalkingtalking and movingmovingmoving all the time, he will read this, and laugh, and hug me, or, if he is rich and famous, buy me a really sweet car.

Because that's all us mom's want in the world.  A little bit of credit.  And a rockin' new ride.

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