Strong Missions

Charlie Strong is a pretty cool guy.
He sold all of his possesions, including his home, and moved to San Jose, Costa Rica.
He works his arse off seemingly 24/7 to make sure that a little public school in Tibas gets taken care of.
He is willing to do just about anything to get groups of people over here to help out the people of Costa Rica.

And just in case you are wondering, the people are fantastic.

In a public school, we have worked side by side with children and their parents. Amazingly, there is at least one family member present to help care for each student. This just doesn´t happen in the U.S., at least, not anywhere that I have been.

They make us amazing hot lunches and refuse to let us clean up after ourselves.

Now, crossing the road can be a little tricky, and riding around on a tourist bus is more than a little scary, but all in all -- this is a wonderful place.

Driving through some parts of town are tear-inducing. Their are throngs of people living in tin shacks surrounded by trash. Children play soccer in paved lots next to major highways. I feel ashamed at the way I have lived when looking into the face of this reality.

But Charlie Strong is doing something to make a difference. He left all his things behind and started over right here in downtown San Jose. He has bent over backwards to make sure we are comfortable -- and even that feels like too much. We just want to do what we can, while we are here -- and to remember to keep doing, even after we leave.

And with enough Strong´s in the world, I know we can.

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