Beboppin' to Bach

Tonight I rediscovered my love for classical music. Silly as it felt to close my eyes and fall in love to a CD while connected via electronic umbilical cord to a music rack in Border's, I feel temporarily revived.

Sadly, my lovely computer doesn't enjoy the classical music and is thwarting my attempts at catharsis.

Speaking of catharsis, I'll be journaling my experiences as a first year administrator for myself now, in hope that years from now I'll look back and revel in the knowledge that I was much better at this than I currently feel.

Today I have felt ill at ease. I'm reminded of the 'calm before the storm' nightmares from my childhood, when a beautiful day seemed stagnant, with too many warm colours in my blue sky. Of course, this always ended with a vampire and a tidal wave, but that is another story.

For now, suffice it to say that I feel an all too familiar tugging that dares to defy me.

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