Weekend revelations:
Austin and Dr. Phil have different ideas on eating habits
eating too many carbs now give me what I have lovingly termed the 'fiery pit of stomach damnation'
the Burleson water department is mean
there just may be an ongoing jewelry hunt for me. stirs up many an emotion.
if ever there is a contest for the kindest humans on the planet, Elvis would definitely be a contender
the Vegas trip is going to have around 30 people! time to plan!

Tonight I made black bean chili and mmm! was it good. It's easy too, and since I had a plethora of black beans I made enough for the week. Children numero both are chowing down right now -- enjoying a meal I made -- imagine that!

School starts back up this week. I'm actually looking forward to my classes. This is actually my last semester at TCC (I promise!!), so I'm eager to get through it. If I do well in this Spanish class, I'm taking Spanish over the summer and plan to teach my little amigos at my school Spanish next year.

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