Oh yes. So here, for all you nosy people, is what Elvis got for Christmas. Not quite diamonds, but eh -- what can you do, really?

I've really been trying to narrow down this year's resolution. The healthy living thing is just something I've been needing to do, not so much a resolution for the year but a need in my life. I know my resolution before the 1st approached, but the goal was murky. I want to get closer to God this year. I want to work on that relationship so much that people will be able to see the face of God through me. I think when I told Elvis this he was a little concerned that I was losing my mind. It's a rather bold statement, I guess. But when I really think about it -- it seems like it should just be that way. We were made in His image so shouldn't we exemplify Him? But anyway. A goal should be less vague, so I've been thinking about how I can narrow that down and attain this ambition of mine.

This morning as I was driving home from the store I was thinking about a recent conversation with an old friend. It was a conversation that quickly turned sour and throughout the whole of it I was perplexed with how to respond. Had I responded with emotion and let my hurt feelings get the best of me, the conversation would have quickly toppled out of control for both of us. I suppose sometimes the best response is no response at all, no matter how difficult that may be.

This year my first real goal, and do not laugh at its childlike simplicity, is to follow the Golden Rule. I'll treat others only as I would like to be treated, considering my actions before they are made and not after.

I won't give up on people, no matter how dim the light. But I also will not be trompled on. There is such a thing as graceful tolerance, I believe. It amazes me each day how many people are not able to see the light right in front of their face. Some of the teachers that are no longer with us have taken actions in the past couple of weeks that not only amaze me but truly hurt my heart. Still, I believe that God intends all of these things for good, and no matter what is happening moment by moment, there will be eventually be clarification.

Oh, and unsweetened oatmeal, I have only today learned, is only edible with bits of fresh fruit.

That is all.

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