Elvis bought me a book about Costa Rica. There are a lot of things to consider about this trip that I never would have thought of before. The Lonely Planet book is an awesome guide with plenty of information. Now I know not only the history of Costa Rica, but also what to take with me and what to expect from the locals while I'm there.

Good times.

I'm still about half way towards my goal of raising $1250 towards the trip. Anything I raise above that I get to use as spending money. I still have 7 weeks, so we'll see.

One other goal I have in the next 7 weeks is to lose 20 pounds. With my handy Dr. Phil-South Beach-Weight Watchers diet, I think it's feasible. Plus, I actually plan to start working out again. No, really. I need to work out some sort of contest with Elvis. If I can kick his butt at something, I'm sure that will motivate me. South Beach (SB) says we can lose 8-13 pounds in the first 2 weeks. That's with no exercise! I'm darn excited about that. The recipes are more complicated, and with the beginning of the Spring Semester I'd like to simplify everything as much as possible. Still, 8-13 pounds in 2 weeks is a big motivator.

Speaking of this semester, classes are going well. Of course, we're one week in and I'm not bored yet. Ask me what I think in a few months.

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