Back to work and as always, craziness ensues. I assume that eventually this will end. Probably when I quit. Ha. Lately all I can think about is my nice quiet days in the classroom, safe and warm in my happy little bubble. Sadly, the bubble has popped and I'm left with sludgy residue to contend with. It makes me wonder how the previous administrators would have handled things, and also helps me realize why none of them lasted more than a year.

Go figure.

Tonight we had more basketball practice. Child Numero Uno shuffled back and forth along the court and had a genuine(ly? [Sorry Elvis, I do not have the art of good grammar. Please marry me anyway.]) good time. I'm glad he is enjoying himself despite his earlier comment that I was punishing him by placing him on the league.

Last night Child Numero Uno dreampt that his father was attacking us, and tried to shoot him. So much for a healthy, balanced childhood.

That whole "healthy" thing? Going well. It's been two days. I'm eating the healthy foods, but I'm craving the starchy foods. Oh, the carb addiction, when will it leave me? Elvis says never, so that's encouraging.

I'm all registered for school, to which the Momster said, "What? You're taking classes again?"
Well yes, Mom. Until I graduate. Like, when I'm 80.
Panhandle says I'll be the smartest Granny on the block.

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