If ever there were a day in which I believed the Fates had allied against me, this would be it. I'm not sure I've ever been so amused with the way my day has gone than I am today.

Elvis and I had a semi-serious talk about the future last night. That sounds so silly, doesn't it? As if we sat around discussing colonizing the moon or something. But we discussed the here and now and the up and coming. Eventually I think we both realized that the here and now is pretty darn good so I need to stop worrying about anything that might be around the corner.

Really, I feel like I'm throwing a big baby tantrum. I like instant gratification and when I get a thought in my head or if I see something I want ... well, I want it right now, darn it. I don't recall having a particularly spoiled childhood, so what is that about? So I'm trying to practice some unselfish impulse squashing.

I'm really not too sure how that will turn out, but I'll let you know.

In the meantime, I went to the bookstore today to get my mind off of things and to relax a little bit. Plus, I really needed a dictionary for my Spanish class. I'm not very familiar with this bookstore, so I had to wander a while before I found the lovely little books of mas words.

And what's right next to the flipping dictionarys?

Wedding Planners.

Thanks, Borders Books for your incredibly dumb book organization skills. Why the heck would anyone put wedding information next to dictionaries?! Please, I need an answer to this.

So I decide to remain unirritated by this and proceed to look for the perfect Spanish to English dictionary. I pick one up and flip through it. The first word I see? Proposal.

Well, isn't that nice.

This makes me decide that the book store is out to get me, so I grab my dictionary and run screaming from the store (after I paid for my purchases, of course -- and hey, am I the only person that didn't know Sarah McLachlan had a new CD out?).

On my way back to the school I get caught by some strange railway cleaning device and have to sit and fume about stupid books and stupid obsessions and stupid things the whole time.

So yes, the Fates are conspiring against me today. I say so.

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