So, update schmupdate.

School has been going very well, with a few ups and downs just to make life interesting. As much as I enjoy the administrative aspect of education, my position definitely forces me to realize how much more I would enjoy being in the classroom.

One day.

My birthday was perfect, even though the seestah and Memo (Formerly known as Bill) refused to birth their child on my day. I spent most of the day with Elvis and family, but also went to Emmer's birthday party, complete with Princess Bounce House. I can only say that it was my extreme joy to be able to curl up with Elvis at the end of the day and eat lettuce wraps while watching Chicago. What a treat! And so needed.

One of my best presents came in the form of a massage and facial treatment that was absolutely to die for -- and very much appreciated as it was the day after Seestah and Memo brought little Fathead into the world.

Donal James weighed in at 8lbs 2.6oz and was 20 3/4" long. He is absolutely gorgeous and you just can't look at him without falling in love with him -- even if he does have a large round head. I'd show you a picture, but his mom is rather protective and I'll have to get permission first.

This week at school we've been tremendously busy preparing for several different events and fundraisers, so I'm looking forward to spending tomorrow night at le Seestah's house -- playing cards, holding de Fathead, and watching movies.

Oh how I love relaxing.

The next two weeks will involve carnival games, book fairs, air shows, state fairs, car shows, and a court date.

Life is certainly grand.

I'll try to be a little more visible from now on.

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