Last night I was browsing some university sites, daydreaming once more about the fact that I have no choice but to transfer soon. Upon looking at some degree plans, I realized (again) that I have quite a few wasted credits. Of course, they are all literature classes, so uhm ... at least I enjoyed them.

But I found a lot of nifty resources, and I also found out that there is a school that offers a degree plan in educational psychology, which combines everything I want to do into one nice neat little package. You can imagine how exciting that is for me, as I figured when I finally went in to speak to someone and told them, 'Hi, I need a degree in early childhood education, and one in psychology and oh hm... how about a theology degree also.. what can you do for me?' I would be given a rather strange look. So I'm done worrying about how to accomplish that. Someone already thought it through and paved the way and made for me a lovely little plan that I will follow. Thank God for that.

Also, I'm beginning to understand that I do not need to go to the most expensive school for my degree to be the most important. Wow. Queen WishyWashy grows up.

Now all I have to do it stop procrastinating and worrying about how well I will do ... and just do it.

I appear to be the only person around me that thinks only A's will suffice, so maybe (just this once) I am wrong.

And it's not always a bad thing to be wrong.

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