This weekend there was not nearly as much rain as there was supposed to be, and yet still it was not a good weekend for sandals and an even worse weekend for softball.

The softball people, being wise, did not play.

The sandal girl, being unwise, still wore sandals.

But they were new, and cute, and had to be worn.

This is the fate of new sandals.

A lot of people say to me ... me, they say, how do you spend your weekends?

Well. This weekend there was an introduction to a snazzy new sammich that I will have to figure out the makings of all on my very own. There was a kid with braces that shut us down, but as with all wishywashy adventures, we emerged triumphant (however late). I tried my hand at Arctic Thunder!, and in true style, lost. Being conscientious connoisseurs of stuff, we attempted to find something within the vault o' goodies to take home. Sadly, the vault o' goodies was not goodly filled, and we left empty handed.

There was a tattoo (a tattoo, my isn't that elusive) that I am still upset about, a journey for an MP3 player (if anyone has tips or thoughts about these handy portable MP3 players -- comment, yo) that did not result in a purchase, and a new found love for an oven that cooks and refrigerates. How cool is that? And we took a dash over to the seestah's to meet a new dude and play some Halo. Uhm, buy me an XBox and I'm your new best friend.

Oh yes, there was much discussion of baubles. Currently there is debate over whether or not a Z8 should be considered a bauble. I think it should be. Personally, I think anything I like should be considered a bauble -- Webster's has declared a bauble a trinket. And most people consider a trinket something that is small and not so costly. If we update that definition to "anything the Kelly likes", then a trinket could definitely be a Z8, and I think I deserve one.

Also, I want to race a nascar. Thank you.

What else? There was a fun liquor store that played the theme to Superman and had a secret locked up room that kept within its spotless glass walls some very expensive liquor. We settled for the normal-people wine, and grabbed some food from an Asian restaurant and took off for some movie time with "large swarming action". Don't ask. Really, I mean it.

There were many and more fun and exciting adventures (I feel like Rawb now), including but not limited to getting lost on one strip of highway in search for breakfast, strange skirt fetishes, ice cream(!), midnight WalGreens excursions, seeking out hidden cameras and waving at them, and much tomfoolery and laughter. Har-har.

So yes, that was (mostly) my weekend. But now it is Sunday and my munchkins shall return soon and there is work, and work, and much more work to prepare for this week and my Aunt and cousin coming to visit, seestah's shower, and the familia.

Oh my.

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