Sometimes I am amused by things. Actually. Often I am amused by things. Mostly (sometimes, often, mostly, ha!) I am amused by how dumb people are. Really, I mean it.

But this time I am amused because this chick is Ha-larious. Seriously, yo. I have been laughing my cute little white bootie off for a while now. And I don't read archives (how boring is that?), but I can't get enough of hers. I am amused, and not in that "Wow, she's dumb" way. This is good stuff. And her booklog is quite lovely (I told you all that dairy and meat was eevil!), and now I have a smart chick to back me up. Ha.

Plus, she lives in Texas. Just admitting you're in Texas can sometimes ruin your ability to be fascinating, and she still comes out on top.

I really know how to give a compliment, don't I?

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