So let's take a moment to analyze this business class I'm taking. One of the major projects due is the stock project. In this delightful project, we are asked to track two companies, analyze them, and conclude. Seriously. Wait -- I will share! This is what the assignment says:

"It will consist of your stock price tracking, your analysis, and the conclusions you draw from the analysis. These conclusions should include which of the companies you would invest in, if you would invest in either."

How do we track the stocks, you ask? Well, Le Professor says to go to this site and:

"Key in the symbol for your stock and the date you need, and, magically, it will appear."

Magically. Stocks are all about magic. I had no idea.

But then, this is why I am taking the lovely business course. To learn all about the behind the curtain magic. So.

What's the problem, you ask?

"The stock market links on the classroom page will lead you to a number of ratios. You will look up the information on the appropriate sites to determine the ratios in 10 ratio categories on the list. Tell me which of your companies that particular ratio favors and if it really makes any difference."


I am supposed to turn in a detailed report with ratios and analyzation and conclusions and I have no freaking idea how exactly one might do that. Somehow we skipped the "this is how you do this project" and went right to the "this is what you need to turn in" and I am supposed to take a quantum leap from beginning to end.

Am I the only person that sees a problem here?

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