I find that the better things get, the less I know how to talk about them. It's an interesting predicament, but one I'm more than happy to adjust to.

This weekend flew by, and at the same time, it somehow existed as a microcosm away from everything else that is so typically humdrum and expected within my life. It's interesting how the mundane can quickly become spectacular when presented in the right light.

I love that about life.

I promise that the comments will return soon, or in the very least, will be replaced with a little tag board, or something that is fun for the whole family and full of choclately goodness. Well. Not so much with the chocolate. It's hard to deliver in this format, and quite frankly, it's very messy.

In other news, class starts tonight and I plan to be very bored for the next month learning businessy things that I'd rather not know about. Why can't all classes be as fun as creative writing and science fiction literature? Woe is I, said the fly.

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