And awaaaaaaaaaay we go...

There is chocolate cake in my fridge, and I, the great Kellini, can eat none of it, as I have been told to eat nothing today. Why does my doctor starve me so?!

The great news is, I have lost 10 (p)ounds in the last 3 weeks! Yeah, that's right. I'm big and bad. Or less big but still bad. Perhaps the loss of a few internal organs will quicken the process. The goal, you know, is to be darn cute-tastic by my birthday. Only three more months, and the next two will be spent in bed.

Yessiree Bob, that's right. I will be holed up in my bedroom with nothing but my PS2 and my Netflix Queue list. I plan to play a sinful amount of video games, and of course, do all the paperwork for the office that I brought home with me. Also, I've been feeling a pull towards poetry ... as I think I wrote a few weeks ago ... so I'll be reading and perhaps creating a little of my own.

I look forward to two weeks from now, and if this sad little blogger in the world goes untouched for the next couple of weeks -- that is why.

Goodbye cruel world -- I go to a better place, so that my doctor can use my appendix, which he said is the size of a worm and makes great bait, next fishing trip.

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