Upon returning from my McShopping trip today, I was greeted with a message that sent me to this website.

I have to say that the news itself wasn't half as surprising as my reaction to it. I probably haven't given much thought to Mr. Rogers or his show in close to 20 years. But in an instant I was a child again, perched eagerly in front of a television set, eyes glued to the image of a kindly middle-aged man singing a slow simple song as he changed into a comfy sweater. I smiled as I remembered the neighborhood of make believe and King Friday and Henrietta Pussycat... and then, without warning, I cried.

It's an unexplainable feeling, considering I didn't know Fred Rogers, but his program was a staple of my childhood. I feel sad for his family, who have had the real loss, and I feel as though the world has lost a beautiful person.

Mr. Rogers, you shall be missed, but I bet even the angels are enjoying your presence in your new neighborhood.

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