This weekend was a success, I believe. Besides that whole getting sick in Downtown Fort Worth thing, of course.

My Mary Kay party went fairly well. The best part was that I already have three recruits, which just blows my mind.

I think that I will always be amazed at how simple things can really be. In my mind, decisions are major battlegrounds and events are wild and uncontrollable things that need taming. But then a weekend like this, with so many different avenues for error, rolls around, and all is calm.

Sometimes I can truly believe that I am blessed with a life of luxury. I may not have a rockstar budget, but I don't really believe that is what makes or breaks a persons ability to be pleased with their life. I have wonderful children, a supportive family, and stellar friends. And I have finally found strength in my faith that gives me the grace to get through just about anything I have come up against.

I think I'l be starting out 2003 on the right foot, for once. I feel good things coming, and my worry level is at a minimum. And for me, that is a miracle.

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