Things learned this weekend:
Drunken staff parties are hilarious
Teachers are a lot more fun than one would think
Kohl's has wonderful sales
Being called a hoochie momma is not nice
Surprise meteor showers are truly inspirational
Being in a parade makes me feel like a movie star
Kohl's has wonderful sales
Zeigenback is nasty
Men that tell women they need to smile more need to be shot more
Women that can't dance should not dance in cages
Women that can dance should not dance in cages
Bacardi Silver is all right, when your other choices are BudLight and Zeigneback
Men should not wear suit jackets in dance clubs
More bars should sell Molson Canadian
This thing with the men with giant bulging muscles in tight shirts needs to die
If I am ever 45 and schmoozing in a night club, someone needs to hold an intervention
People should not urinate in public
Stormy rules (already known but reminders are nice)
I need to move in at The Modern
Reflecting pools make me happy
Time away from time is healing
I am blessed with abundant love in my life

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