Recently I was told:
I dress like a hoochie mama
I have a "richy-better-than-you" attitude
I could not defend myself if attacked
I am always rude
I need to surround myself with the finer things in life

Recently I have noticed:
I'm more careful about dressing fashionably
I enjoy elegance
I set standards and do my best to adhere to them
I am much stronger than I knew even a month ago
I stand up for myself; I don't let people talk down to me
I enjoy beauty and appreciate art, in nature and all aspects of life

So I wonder, who's right? Am I snotty and I just don't realize it? At work I'm surrounded by people that love what I do and how I do it. Today I was told how easy I am to get along with and what a big heart I have. I have a difficult time comprehending why the people I work with have a better opinion of me than the people I spend most of my time with.

I suppose it doesn't matter what anyone thinks, beside myself. But still, hearing that I seem like I set myself above other people nearly made me cry.

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