When I opened my eyes this morning, my first thought was, "It can't only be Tuesday."

Something tells me these 12 hour days are wearing on me. My saving grace is that my staff is so supportive of me. They are continually offering praise and offering to help when I have too much to do. One woman even offered to bring me lunch when I mentioned that I was having a difficult time working lunch into my days. It's odd. Never before have I been so happy at work and so tired. I get to work at 8 each morning and before I know it, it's 2:30. That's a good thing, though. With a long, boring day, I'd go postal before surviving 12 hours!

The Florida Thanksgiving trip has been cancelled, but new plans are in motion for New Year's. We'll see. Right now I'm thankful for 5 days of rest and relaxation. I'm not even cooking this year.

Tomorrow my house will be full, though, with my sister and her hubby and Keith all filing in to role up some new characters. It seems we'll be gaming again very soon.

Sometimes I wonder why I pile so many things into my life. Long work days, I'll be selling Mary Kay now, going back to school, gaming, comittee meetings... all of this on top of the many things my kids need from me. I feel guilty often due to our lack of special time together. I worry that I fill up my life with all these things in order to try to patch a hole that material things can't patch. And then I remember, oh yeah -- I am!

But at least I know what I am doing. Noone can ever say I'm not informed.

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