It seems I am smarter than the average bear.

Today I solved the Case of the Missing Video Driver, repaired the Not So Swift DSL, and avenged myself with the Feeble-Minded tech support by fixing my problems faster than they could say, "...huh?". I also saved the drowning email from the pit of despair, swiftly plucking hopelessly intermingled emails from one another and restoring them to their proper homes.

Apparently, it was technology day in the House of Kelly.

Also, I finally registered my domain name. I! The Kelly! I has me mine very own domain name. How proud I am, the woman who has suffered from years of wishy washy-ness, unable to commit to either bagels or english muffins for breakfast, daunted by the very difficult choice of cable or satellite, discombobulated over whether it is best to wax or shave! I, the Kelly, have locked down a name, and am ever so much stronger for it.

Sadly, I refuse to reveal said name until unsaid design is in place and previously said hostingness is happily congruent.

Today, technology -- tomorrow, the world.

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