Well, first order of business is..... MiZZ Kelly is sick. Yes folks. She hugging major..... I'll spare you the details. But please, send her lots of positive energy so that she can be feeling better by tonight and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Now here are some thoughts from my adventures in driving around many cities yesterday. There are these flags, some are blue some are yellow. And they wave proudly down a portion of street that is advertising brand-new houses and neighborhoods. There was this one blue flag which wasn't waving, it had bundled itself up on itself and was half-hazardly trying to wave. Ever seen that? Well, I feel like that flag. And so I started thinking, if enough wind got under that flag, it would eventually hurl up into the air and wave again! So I'm searching for wind, I guess?

Now the next and most interesting phenomenon, I think anyways.Have you ever been sitting next to someone, having somewhat of a conversation except it's a little one sided, theirs basically. And you want to say things, but you don't because you know where it will lead? You want to defend, but you don't, you want to explain, but you don't? However, IN YOUR HEAD, you are having this complete conversation with this person and it's going quite well! And you eventually tune out the other convo and finish the one in your head that should have been the one you were to have in the first place!? Odd, isn't it? You'd be surprised at how many people do this. Too bad we don't have little switches people can turn on a view, so we can say, "SEE, this is how we should be doing it!"

And Kelly, my love, we seriously need to promote the site. These three people that come here.... if they told two friends, and so on and so on and so on..... heh, remember that commercial?

Oh! I finally saw Monsters, Inc. The person who wrote that is a genius. What imagination. What fun! I want to be a little girl again. Don't you?

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