So the birthday was a fabulous production, right up there with Kelly-planned parties from days of yore.

My favourite gifts were a Yuna action figure, a gift certificate to a day-spa, and my rockstar shoes and feathery shirt. I can't wait to have a reason to wear that shirt. True rock star stuff.

Dinner was superb, at a restaurant that makes the best fajitas on earth. At the end of the meal the entire waitstaff came over, and Collin, whom I had been talking to throughout dinner made me stand up, and then announced to the entire restaurant that it was my 21st birthday and everyone needed to sing to me. Uhm, yeah. That was hilarious. But I played along.

Did I mention I was Meg Ryan for my birthday? Sadly, I took no pictures. I was cute, even though I'm much taller and uhm... curvy (read: I eat a lot of chocolate damn, it) than she is. Anyway, I had her fashion sense, hair, and make-up really going for me. How cute.

Unless I find out something went tragically amiss tomorrow, I will be out of town for the most part of the end of September and first week in October. I'm going to get learnified in important educational type things. Go me. This way, if she really doesn't come back after el babino is borneth, I can actually know what I am doing in the office. Let's all hope they decide to pay me a nice director's salary, too. That would SO help the move along.

And, happy birthday Paigers!! Happy day late birthday, Kami!! Happy almost birthday, Billiam!! Happy happy happy days to everyone.

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