I am Kelly, the Perpetually Annoyed. Can I get that on my wooden buckler that doesn't do a thing but weigh me down and make me look like a complete idiot? I think it would make a fine crest.

Moving on....

This Weeks Five Day Forecast:
Tomorrow is Friday, and if you aren't thankful for that please email me an address to which I can have you shot at. I was going to host a little dinner party tomorrow evening, and had some new recipes I was excited about trying out, but since Steven and my mom have a new timeshare in the bathroom due to a fun and awe-inspiring stomach virus, I've decided that will have to be cancelled. Tomorrow night will now probably be spent filling out legal paperwork.
Saturday is the Harvest Fest up at the school, and we host the carnival games as a kind of fundraiser. It's fun, but it's also at 8:00am. About an hour before that is the Harvest 5k run. I'm thinking of doing it, since I'm going to be awake anyway. Then we're off to Shannon's Mary Kay party (sorry Crystal!) and Bill said there's a nifty new anime to see at Legacy Cinema so I think Saturday night is full, too!
Sunday, oh Sunday. I forget what I'm doing on Sunday. Oh. Birthday party. Le sigh.
Monday we go back to the lawyer and it's the day I absolutely must finish putting together my substitute folder because on
Tuesday morning at 5:30 I drive to Temple to begin my training! I'm very excited but a little nervous. I don't know who else will be at this seminar, or from what types of schools. And to think that this could very well lead me right into becoming a director... well, that's a little scary. Mostly, I'm worried I'd settle into that position and never get my teaching certificate. We'll see. Certainly I wouldn't give up my dream for the instant cash bonus, right? Heh.

So yes, that's the outlook. I'll be in Temple for three days next week! I've done my research and located the best little coffee and tea shop in town. It's the Chevron Food Mart.

That's right. I'm livin' large.

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