Tomorrow will mark two years that I have been keeping up with this site. I had considered a redesign in celebration, but I'm pretty happy with this design. I may finally finish my favorites page, though. And I do have something else in the works, but it's all very hush hush, even to me. How does one keep secrets from themselves, you might ask. Well, with multiple personalities, of course.

Today I am going to go out and buy myself this years birthday present. I do this each year, always commenting that I am the only person that ever buys myself anything I want. Makes sense to me. I was going to go for a pedicure and new hair colour but decided in favour of the PS2 and a couple of games. I wish Malice were out already but it's not. I'm thinking of Baldur's Gate and FFX, but not sure what else I might be interested in. The PS2 shall be set up near my bed so I can become the vegged out bum of my dreams. Rock on.

Yesterday we went out to eat with Bill, Shannon, Misty, and Brian. I havent seen Brian in... years? and he is all adult looking. Stange how that happens. We ate at Don Pablo's and gave our waiter Dan a very difficult time. He kept coming to the table and hearing things like "...never send out your resumes while on crack...", among others. He was a good sport, though. He kept plenty of limes on hand for my Pacifico. And he told us all about his family, and his degree plan at TCU. We also decided at dinner to have a costume party at Shannon and Bill's house for Halloween. It'll be come dressed up or wear the costume that we provide. All provided costumes will consist of paper towels and duct tape. After dinner we tried the movies but it was too late so we went to GameWorks where Shannon, Misty and I haded upstairs to the bar and I kept a tab at the bar for a bit, drank some capecods, gave staring men strange looks, nearly karate chopped a guy that tried to steal Shannon's Corona, sang songs like "Summer Lovin", danced at the bar, and explained to fat bearded man the joy of cranberry and vodka. Then it was downstairs for the Indy 500, wherein I discovered I can't drink and drive. Glad it was on a video game and not the road. Even though at 1:30 in the morning I was made to drive the hour home, gimp leg, no night vision and all. Joy.

Two yesterdays ago I saw a purple wig in WalGreen and almost bought it. It was too long, though. Though I might consider buying it and hacking it up for a neat little look. I think everyone should have purple hair at least once. Don't you?

And a month ago today, Shannon and Bill were married. See pictures to the right. Well. See a link to pictures. Do I really need to explain this? Happy one monthiversary, guys!

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