I'm home. I'm very tired. And I'm ready to leave again at the drop of a hat.

Or an pin. Or whatever it is one drops when dropping things seems to be the best or only option.

I've spent the morning paying bills, checking up on things, and getting my house back in order. I'm anxious for Shannon to return home from her honeymoon and tell me almost everything about it. I'm anxious for school to start and I'm anxious for life to move on. Basically, I'm just anxious.

This is one of those times when everything seems too much to tell and the little things seem to little to bother with.

I bought my town's Lion Club giftbook just because my grandfather was a Lion and I cried at their memorial service. I can completely call myself an emotional female consumer now.

Either way. Everything is changing. And that is good. I'm ready to move forward from this and I think it had a few lessons for me, as well. And I suppose if you glean a little knowledge from any of life's experiences then you can't say it was a waste or that nothing was gained from it. So that is something.

I'm not sure how much I'll post here anymore. It seems I waste too much time and don't live enough. I think I've been hiding a long while... from a plethora of things. And I'm done hiding. It's time to see the sun shine.

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