I just sent my oldest daughter, she's 15, to jail or juvenile as some call it for physically attacking me. I wonder, does anyone know how this feels? I highly doubt a night, or even a week in that facility will do her any good. I am looking into private boot camps and boarding schools for troubled teens. I just don't understand why she can't seem to be a 'normal' or at least 'semi-normal' teenager. If anyone has suggestions for treament facilities, let me know. I found nine so far I'm looking into. And God are they expensive. It's utterly ridiculous how much these places cost. It almost seems like they are capitalizing on our children's behavior. But gee, some of them offer student loans to pay for it! Well, hot damn, I can take out a student loan to get my kid on the straight and narrow while paying off MY student loans too!

There are no guarantees.

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