My DSL has been down since sometime last night, without any particular reason. This combined with the fact that it won't be on until atleast July 1st at the new house is more than a little upsetting to me. Oh, how dependent I am on these things.

I'm watching a cartoon called "Cats Don't Dance" on Cartoon Network, and my children aren't even at home. This poor cat, though. All he wants is to be a star. That's all. Won't someone give a poor cat a chance?? Uhm, okay. I'm over that now.

I have packed up my desk! It is bare, and this is a rarity. This means the computer will be moving soon. And where the computer goes, I go, so it won't be long (I hope). It's taking much longer and being much more complicated than I had anticipated, mostly due to my screwy knee. But it is coming along...

And! The landlady is paying to have the exterior painted! And all new screens! Did I mention this already? I'm so excited, because soon the outside of my new home won't be witchy anymore.

In other news (because I know I've been talking about this too much lately), I've been considering going to work on this. I'll have the time once I move, and it could prove to be interesting, and a good creative outlet -- and how can you possibly have too many of those? We shall see.

So anyway. Guess this is it for a while, til I get all set up there. I have a small phone line/no DSL/nothing in the house wants to cooperate with me problem, so I'll be back when I'm back.

I miss my laptop.

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