I now have a strong appreciation for my grandfather's line of work.

My feet are so sore that when I walk just a few feet my toes cramp up and I have to hobble-hop-dance to and fro in hopes of returning them to the normalness of straight, healthy toes as opposed to the strangely deformed curled toes they become. My arches ache. My hips hurt. I think my shoulder is numb. Earlier in the evening I was covered in paint on all fingers, both thumbs, and each hand to the wrist. I considered taking a picture but then thought it might not be wise to use my camera in such a state. I'm not sure my eyes will open all the way and my fingers aren't enjoying this bout of typing at all.

And yes, I'm a big whiney baby and I really don't care right now.

The master bedroom is a disgrace. The tiles are coming out and the paint, which was supposed to have either been washed or dragged over the white walls was straight pained on with rollers, without my okay. The colour I picked out (which would have been lovely had it been done the way I wanted) became a horrifying shade of hubba-bubba grape bubble gum. I tried ragging, rolling, bagging, sponging, rag rolling, white washing and God only knows what else. I tried glazing. I tried mixtures of two and three techniques. The results were either a strange chalk covered grape or a very odd cotton candy look. We mixed some paints together and came up with a somehwhat suitable alternative, but I'm convinced it has too much of a pink tint to it and I'm not sure how I am going to be able to enjoy my bedroom if I look at it and it reminds me of a tongue. Tanya says it will be better when it dries. I want to repaint the entire room black. In mourning. She said no. I offered to strike a bargain and paint it deep dark purply blue. She said hell no. I said perhaps I could go smokey grey. No no no, it's done, she says. So now I have an interesing lilac-lavender-cotton candy-tongue bedroom. So much for my snuggly restful safe haven.

Don't tell Tanya, but I'm repainting that beast.

In other news, I'm too tired to think straight and I think I shall sleep.

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