Have you ever seen a dog (or some other animal) after having walked through mud (or some other sticky substance)? It stares down at its feet for a moment then shakes each foot with each step it takes, hoping to get that God-forsaken sticky substance off its feet. Yeah. That's how I feel.

Speaking of dogs (and not some other animal), I decided it was high time (the difference between high time and low time, I will never know) for me to have one. So, after much deliberation (ha), I found myself a cute little 7 week old chocolate lab. I had hoped to show you a picture of her, but that shall have to wait until I (a) have better pictures, and (b) remember which FTP program worked for me before my computer died. Daisy (the puppy) is the smartest, most beautiful dog ever. I'm convinced of this, and nothing anyone says can change my mind.

I've only had Daisy here for 5 days, but already I can't imagine what I would do without her. She keeps me busy, and gives me something daily to look forward to. Each night she sleeps in a little kennel at the end of my bed, until about 5:30 when she wakes up. Then we get up and go out and both get back into my bed until it's time to really get up and wake the kids and get ready for school and work.

I love my Daisy girl, and I can't wait to share some pictures. Hopefully I will have them soon.

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