Fairy tales don't come true, it won't happen to you, so don't even start.
And if you should survive to 105 ... I'm sorry.

So I've gotten most of this financial mumbo jumbo taken care of (for the moment) and I've got a woman coming out to evaluate my home (eek) tomorrow, so I should know soon how much it will sell for and all that dandy stuff. I found a lovely 5 bedroom Victorian home with just about everything I want ... AND it's rather cheap. The reason it's so cheap, however, is because it's in Cleburne, which is even more hick than Burleson. I bet no one thought that was possible. Of course, no one knows where the heck Burleson is, anyway.

I was cleaning my desk off last night (not the one out here, the one in there -- yeah, that one -- the one that is a complete disaster) and talking to Stormy when I realized that if anyone asked me to list the things on my desk it would take me about five hours. And the amount of time it's going to take to sort through all these things and decide what to box up and what to trash? Eep. Let's not think about that.

Stormy has nicknamed me Cubbyhole Kelly. I don't think that is very polite of her.

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