At the doctor's office this afternoon I picked up a random wrinkled magazine so as to pass the time. There was a fabulous article with book, music, and film suggestions and I wanted to tear out the page or take home the ratty little magazine with me. But I thought that might be illegal. Or impolite. Something not nice, at the very least. So I left it there and since I was feeling to lazy to write down any of the suggestions, I've already forgotten them.

If only I was a bad guy, I'd have a page full of fantastic things to do.

Speaking of bad guys, Daegan prayed the other night for "all the bad people to get sick and die so they can't steal the good peoples stuff anymore". Uhm. Right. We had a small discussion about wishing death upon people. He then said, "Okay, strike that. Let the bad people get good hearts and marry a fine good woman and get rid of their bad people clothes so they can be good."

Because as we all know, bad men always change their ways with a fine, good woman. Wooie.

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