In the interest of being completely self-serving (hey, I like this turning over a new leaf business) I've decided to treat myself to one thing special every month. In the interest of not being a complete stuff-whore, I thought about doing this for someone else, also. In the interest of not going broke (too late), I decided to stick with making myself happy and worry about everyone else later. Afterall, won't everyone else be geuinely happy just to see me happy? The way I see it, this is a win-win deal for the entire world. Excellent.

I'm discovering more and more that I am a simple person at nature. For instance, I just made myself some lovely chicken (ack, meat!) noodle soup, and the fact that I remembered I had the cutest little Campbell's soup cups to eat it out of (instead of a plain old boring bowl) made me a very happy girl. Of course, I forgot about the soup while it was simmering and somehow it went from simmer to mad-insane boiling before I got back to it. Regardless, chicken noodle soup is chicken noodle soup.

So for the month of April I'm going to order myself some tea. I'm nearly out of my Pickwick supply from Holland, so I'm either going to reorder it from Holland By Mail, or I'll find something new and exciting from steep.com. It's just never a bad time for tea, and I'm tired of not having enough in the house, or not having a decent selection. So yes. Tea. And if I decide to really get fancy, I'll finally get that darn teapot I've been needing.

And in other completely unimportant rambling news, I've added three new books to my children's book collection, and only one of them deserve to be included. Still, I felt they were all necessary to own. The first is Pog by Lyn Lee, which I paid $2.95 for and appears to list at Amazon for over $30. Not sure what that is about. It's definitely not a $30 book. And the cover picture doesn't even show. How sad. Anyway. The second is Crickwing by Janell Cannon. It's a fun story about a cockroach in the rain forest. Good stuff.

The best book of all three is The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau. I was a little annoyed at paying $18 for a children's book, but it was definitely worth it. I'm absolutely dying to read it to my class but I'm forcing myself to wait until I can work it into an all day theme. Fun stuff.

So yeah, there's a lovely ramble that includes absolutely nothing about my life but still fills the blanks in the meantime. Next week, after the losation (yep) of my mind is complete, I'll fill in all the empty spaces. Promise.

Oh, and Crystal? I'm all over that "50 things in my life" list. Just what I need. Another list.

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