I've decided that once this house is sold, I'm moving back out to the country. I want atleast 2 acres on a mostly wooded lot. I'm having a bit of a problem finding this, though there is a listing for a place on 2 acres for only $30,000 in a town near me. No picture, though. This concerns me. What kind of a 3 bedroom home on 2 acres sells for $30,000? It does say it's a "fixer upper", but really. This has to be bad. I may go out to see, just to amuse myself.

I've also decided to take lessons here. I'm very excited because I didn't think I'd be able to find an English riding stable in Fort Worth. Wish me luck. I've only actually been riding once, but it was one of the most enjoyable experiences in my life. My father and sister took lessons together when we lived in Holland, and although I always wanted to take lessons also, I was mostly afraid of the horses, and a little annoyed that my father never asked if I was interested. So I kept my mouth shut. But last summer when my aunt took us to a stable, and we went trail riding through the woods ... and it rained! ... it was unforgettable. And I've wanted to get back on a horse ever since.

And since we're making decisions, I've decided to hunt down a car. A Karmann Ghia, actually. The coupe, not the convertible. And I'm still undecided on what year, and there is a lot I don't know about cars in general, so that needs some looking into. It seems there are several around the country to choose from, ranking from completely in need of restoration to compeltely restored, and the prices aren't too bad. Ultimately, I'd like to find one that needs some restoration, and have it completed by Steven's 16th birthday. This gives me 8 years, so I think I'm doing all right so far.

That's what's up in Decision Central for today. More to come later, I'm certain.

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