Is it bad that all throughout this mornings orientation all I could think about was what I wanted to post?

I may be in love with my biology professor (nevermind the fact that the professor is a woman, possibly in her fifties, and barely reaches 5 feet in height). Even though the school is only a community college, she treats us as if we were university students. And even though we are taking the lecture part of the course via the Internet, she refuses to lower her standards. In fact, she was basically yelling at us within the first five minutes, declaring the laziness of Internet students.

I smiled. For the first time (ever?) since I started attending this college, I feel like I might actually glean some worthwhile knowledge from a class. This class scares me, though. Biology used to be my first love. Back when I was young and hopeful, I thought to be a Marine Biologist. Of course, that was more years ago than I care to count, and now that friends I graduated with are going on to PhD's and happily ensnared in their careers, I'm just midway through my quest for a degree. Of course, I've ignored all science classes until now, mostly because I knew that I would never be able to go into what I truly love, and being around science majors would be painful.

Passion is a dangerous thing.

So now, before ever even opening the book, before the class has even begun, before I spend nights pouring over these systems that I know I love, I feel as if this will be something that sets me on a new course. And that's an eerie feeling.

But not a bad one.

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