After what seemed like dozens of stores, and jeans that fit but were too short, and jeans that refused to fit but would have been long enough, and one pair of jeans that fit and were long enough, but had a broken zipper, I was about to declare that God didn't want me to ever wear jeans again. But lo, the angels smiled down upon me and I am the joyous new owner of two (two!) new pairs of jeans that fit perfectly and are long enough even for me to wear with my boots. Whew.
I have decided that I love outlet store shopping. You just can't beat shirts for 99 cents and dresses for $3. Especially when you're a pauper like me.

Also, I saw A Beautiful Mind last night. While it was a bit slow (for me) at the beginning, I found myself entranced with it about midway through. Sadly, these sorts of movies leave me with more questions than answers, and I spent most of the night unable to sleep and feeling like the world was far too big and complicated.

I am left to believe we are all just pixels in a giant picture that makes no sense whatsoever.

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