Talking to strangers has turned out to be a notsobad thing.

Okay, she isn't the true definition of a stranger (what, no mask and black cloak??). She's our crossing guard lady. I'm sure that I should know her name, but we've only had a crossing guard for two weeks, so pardon me while I remain slightly socially inept.

Anyway, I always make it a point to say hello and ask her how she is, and tell her to have a nice day (yes, because if I forget to tell her to have a nice day, she might not! I do control these things). I figure anyone that is going to stand outside in 30 degree weather and direct traffic for the safety of my children deserves some sort of acknowledgment.

This morning she tells me that she won't be there on Friday.

"I'm going to deliver a baby," she says.

My first thought is that she's a midwife. But that isn't the case. This woman is involved with a program that pairs pregnant women with no coaching partner with people willing to do that. So on Friday my "crossing guard lady" is going to help a young lady with no support from the father, no family, and no friends deliver a baby.

And I think that's rather spiffy.

So I've added her to my Christmas shopping list. I haven't bought gifts for anyone but my boys, and the rest of my list looks like this:
Calypso (my dad's parrot. I named her. It's a good name! Shut up!)
Crossing Guard Lady

So yeah, Merry Christmas to all, and to those I know, don't expect gifts. I'm making an odd list this year.

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