I am unbelievably sad. I am about 98% sure that I have lost my scarab necklace. I know it's just a thing, just a hunk of metal hanging from a chain ... but, uhm, it is very important to me.

I very rarely take it off, but Tuesday night, the night of the school program, I had to get ready in the bathroom at the school. I took off my necklace in favour of a more formal necklace. I felt bad about it (as if the scarab might become angry with me) and even considered wearing the scarab, but it didn't match the other necklace and I really wanted to wear it!

Well. I haven't seen my scarab since then. I was so busy that night I can't remember if I dropped it in my purse or maybe ... just maybe... left it lying on the bathroom counter.

I hope I find it. I'm sort of attached to it. Sigh.

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