I have written two posts and deleted them each. My words don't match my thoughts; the text is betraying me. I don't understand how I can become so mentally stumped. It truly infuriates me.

Shannon and Bill came over today, and we (including Mom!) went to see Life As a House.. It was fun, even though I cried a little too loudly. As usual. I think I suffer from "a little too much" syndrome. I laugh too loudly and too often, I smile too big, I talk too much, I cry for too many reasons. I have tooism. I even feel too big. I feel like an Amazon when I'm out in public. I'm only 5'10, but I tower over just about everyone I meet. And with those 3" heeled boots, forget it. But I've gotten away from the point.

The point being, after the movie we came home and (after a small delay due to my promise to host trivia in MO tonight) we played a plethora of boardgames. I sat on the floor next to Shannon and many times we laughed exactly alike or said the same thing at the same time or made the same gestures and I was reminded how wonderful it is to have a sister. And not only to have a sister, but to have one that I love and am so close to. I can't imagine my life without her in it. Sometimes we joke that it's actually sad how close we are, because neither of us can imagine moving to another state without the other following. We're just a little too attached, you see.

But at one point tonight, she grabbed an electronic buzzer for "Oodles" away from Bill, and since there was no backing on the battery compartment, the batteries flew all over the place. As if this wasn't bad enough, while she was trying to replace them into their happy little space, she somehow managed to make them jump into the air and roll across the floor again. Then, as she bent down to pick them up, she smacked her forehead against the coffee table. The entire episode sent me into a fit of laughter, mostly because it just looked hilarious, but also because I've done similar things more often than I care to recount. And maybe a little bit because whenever I'm in a good mood I'm prone to dive into laughter fits that never seem to end. But, I guess you had to be there.

Regardless, it's nice to know that my sister and I share so many things. Including being completely clumsy. With her, I never feel too much of anything. And that's nice. That's comforting. And comfort is something I seriously need a lot of, lately.

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