We have a new pet. He is a house gecko and his name is Mike. I dunno why his name is Mike, but it is. Mike likes to eat crickets and hide under his rock whenever I try to take fun pictures of him. Mike is currently about 2 inches long and I have no idea how much bigger he will get. Hopefully, he'll live long enough for us to find out. Mike is a lot of fun to have around, but I don't like walking in to see cricket parts hanging out of his mouth. Also, he doesn't play in his water! He has a pretty little seashell full of water but he doesn't like it. When I figure out how to make Mike a little more social, you'll have pictures to look at. I have one so far, but Mike sort of looks like an alien in a bright spaceship, so I'd rather wait for good pics.

Because, ya know, Mike would be very offended if I put bad pics of him up on the Internet.

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